Backing up your business data is very important to us. Firstly Guestbook 247 is hosted within the Microsoft Windows Azure cloud infrastructure. Windows Azure is a large system of computers and network infrastructure available over the internet operated by Microsoft. Within this infrastructure Guestbook247 uses a series of virtual computers to run and store the data. We rent the computing power and storage we need from Windows Azure. The data is stored using SQL Azure, Microsoft automatically provide copies of data between their own data centers. The primary location for Guestbook247 data is located in Western Europe, and the backups are located in Northern Europe data centre. So in the event of a major disaster Microsoft should be able to get Guestbook247 back online quite quickly.

We take daily backups of the data. Each night we run automatic scripts to copy the databases within the Microsoft cloud. Twice a week we also backup the databases to Amazon S3 storage. All backups are retained for 30 days.

There's also a facility for you to easily download your data to a CSV text file from within the Guesbook 247 application, see the Export page